Supremacy 1914

The browser based game Supremacy 1914 is not only designed for multiplayer mode, but is also made available for free to allow the most avid of gamers to enjoy endless hours of competition. One of the more popular online strategy video games based on the events of World War I, the goal is for players to reach 1000 game points as well as to assume power over majority of the game map, which is focused mostly on the European continent.

The game also features Silent Games, which essentially allows gamers to use play a round without needing to assume any role. The main aim of this feature is for make gamers to get the required number of points while ensuring that they conquer the map. Players who gain Gold marks have the privilege of playing the Gold Rounds, which can be done either role played or silently. Here are some of the reasons why gamers prefer to assume power with Supremacy 1914.

  • Exceptional game realism.

For any browser based game to have a significant effect on the huge population of gamers, it must have an exceptional level of realism that is comparable to other popular video games offered in the market today, regardless whether it is for gaming consoles or personal computers. Considered as a browser based game that falls under the classification of a strategy game, it allows for multiple players of anywhere from 10 up to 31, simultaneously on a small map of Europe.

The larger map of the game includes other locations aside from Europe, like Russia, North America, and North Africa. The year 1914 is remembered as a time when the world was placed on the brink of war, and has become one of the bases for game realism. The armies that are available to gamers would depend on the type of game play that is chosen. This means that infantry, tanks, artillery, airplanes, submarines, battleships, and air balloons can be conveniently available.

Part of the realism stems from the attempt to ensure that details of the game are consistent and accurate with historical recordings. Aside from this, one of the determining factors for the realism of Supremacy 1914 is the need to apply morale as an integral component of the strategy for the game. This means the conventional strategy of using large armies attacking from the backdoor is not an assurance of victory in this game. Through the role playing feature, alliances and diplomacy can be used to avoid going into war.

  • Absolute player control.

Another reason why gamers enjoy gaining power with this browser based game is that is provides them with absolute control over their armies as well as the game play. Gamers have the convenience of controlling their entire armies that are strategically placed on the map even if 31 players are simultaneously involved. This feature of Supremacy 1914 is actually what sets it apart from all the other strategy games available today.

Within a matter of seconds, gamers will get an accurate picture of the entire playing condition in order to give them the chance to make vital adjustment on their strategies as needed. The gamers also have the control on how much investment should be made in the development of defense, spies, armies, as well as upgrades for the provinces. Moreover, gamers can also choose their own name, title, and flag. All of these contribute to a customized gaming experience that is under the absolute control of gamers.

  • Historical relevance of the game.

For those who were not around in 1914, the historical accuracy of the game and its gaming experience makes it extremely relevant. Gamers will be able to experience firsthand the obsession for power and the need for resources, all of which have placed the European continent to almost complete destruction in the hands of its leaders. That was a time in history that everyone would truly need to learn from.

This is why the strategy of the game is not focused on merely building armies and manhandling other provinces or nations. It also gives players a way to introduce powerful alliances, build local economy, or if needed, make preparations for war. All of these played significant role during 1914, and continuous to be of use even to this day. In essence, the historical relevance of the game can help build better leaders in the future who have learned from the lessons of the past.

In order to make Supremacy 1914 more exciting to the taste of gamers, it still focuses on implementing strategies that will allow them to assume power over 30 European nations that existed during World War I. The attention to accuracy and relevance of the game designers have paid off with the game earning the award of Browser Gameof the Year for 2009.

  • Real-time execution of movements.

Unlike other browser based game models that are usually boring not only because they are two-dimensional, but also they do not reflect actions and movements in real-time. Throughout the game, it is noticeable how the movements are all in real-time and immediately reflected on the historical map. This without a doubt enhances the level of gaming experience for all those who would want to match skills with other gamers online.

The real-time execution of movements is made possible through the magnificent AI support of the game. This also makes it possible to implement other important game features like the use of diplomacy, upgrading of the provinces, as well as the unique feature of the game, which is the spy mode. The AI support also allows for the elaborate implementation of the resource trading function to be implemented. Rewards can be given out to gamers to help them reach the top of the global rankings.

  • The Tournament Rounds.

One of the most exciting features of this browser based game is the Tournament Rounds. If awards are being handed out in various tournaments, this is the same way with this game. Undoubtedly, the ultimate goal is to assume power and reign as champion over more than a million gamers online from different countries around the world. This translates to parallel games of over 10,000 simultaneously executed on three varying maps.

It is important for gamers to understand that the Tournament Rounds are exclusive with very little to no role playing used. The entire tournament is made up of three rounds, with gamers winning the round being awarded Gold marks. This makes this feature not only exciting, but important as well for avid gamers.

These five reasons are good enough for any type of gamer to take on the Supremacy 1914 and try to assume power on this browser based game.